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How many projects can and should I publish?

You can publish as many projects as you want. We recommend publishing multiple projects across each deep learning tasks that you want to highlight. It shows your breadth of knowledge and also your ability to work on different tasks.

What is the profile video?

Profile video is a 30 second video that you can record to introduce yourself to a potential hiring manager. It is a great way to show your personality and passion for deep learning. You can record it on your phone or laptop and upload it to your profile.

Job Application

How can I improve my chances to get an interview?

There are few things you can do. Make sure to have a complete profile, several published projects, a profile video. To further standout, you can record videos for each published project and demonstrate your understanding and communication skills.

How will the hiring manager contact me?

The hiring manager will contact you via email. Make sure to keep your email up to date in your profile. The email is only released to the hiring manager when you apply to a job.

Why can I not simply include my github link?

At Ploutos, we deeply care about experience and choose quality over quantity. Published projects on Ploutos must work out of the box. For instance, a notebook on Ploutos will have all dependencies installed. A script project will have an environment associated and would have results from last execution