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What are Jobs

Jobs are essentially programs that will execute in the background. The state of a job goes from Submitted to Execution in progress to Executed or Execution Failed

What are Environments

Environments are anaconda environments that you can attach to a job. They are managed as conda yaml files that you can edit and must comply with the conda yaml format. E.g. https://github.com/binder-project/example-conda-environment/blob/master/environment.yml

How do I define dependency for jobs

Each job must have an environment attached to it. In the job settings, there is an environment dropdown. Make sure to create the environment first for the job and then attach.


Why is a Deque AI Credit

Each credit is worth a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 hours. So for Creator Plus, 40 GPU Credits would a minimum provide 80 GPU hours and a maximum of 200 GPU hours.

How can I get more GPU and CPU credits?

You can upgrade to Creator Plus or Creator Pro. Creator Plus gives you 40 GPU credits and 100 CPU credits for $22/month and Pro gives you 80 GPU Credits and 200 CPU credits for $44/month. Most of our users never exceed Pro limits. If you do, we are happy to discuss your use case.