Our Mission

To create a delightful AI platform that sparks creativity, brings the genius out and empowers our users so they can create world changing AI applications.

Our Core Principles

Our product principles are rooted in minimalism, focus and clarity of thought. AI researchers tell stories, discover what’s hidden and invent new ideas, ultimately leading us to the holy grail of having a unified and friendly AGI. Deque is the only platform that let’s users immerse themselves in their own worlds to do all of the above.

Byproduct - Solve the infrastructure paradox

We live in an infrastructure paradox - there is both excess demand and excess supply of compute infrastructure at the same time. Deque solves that by creating a liquid platform where infrastructure seamlessly flows between teams thereby achieving equilibrium state. This helps teams run more workloads for less. Better for your business and better for the planet.

The Team

We are an experienced and a mission-driven team of engineers, designers and scientists with deep technical backgrounds from MIT, Caltech, CMU and others global universities.
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