AI for Corporate Finance professionals

Develop an Intuitive Understanding of AI and its applications in Corporate Finance
Over 50 students
Created and taught by Riju Pahwa

When and where

  • Aug 29 and Aug 31 (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Tuesday 9AM -11AM ET and Thursday 9AM -10AM
  • Live on Google Meet (details will be sent via email)
$349 ($499 of 25%)

What will you learn and where

  • Develop an intuitive understanding of AI and Deep Learning
  • Visual and intuitive understanding of core math concepts behind Deep Learning
  • Detailed view of how exactly deep neural networks work beneath the hood
  • Explore and play with some of the latest and exciting developments in AI such as GPT, chatGPT and other Generative models
  • Explore various use cases within Corporate Finance where AI and Deep Learning can be applied

Course Contents

Deep learning - Basics, Fundamentals and Intuition
  • Introduction
  • What is Machine Learning exactly?
  • Different types of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement
  • The bird's eye view of deep learning
  • Deep neural network - Thinking of them as functions
  • Loss functions and training vs inference
  • What is a model
  • Understanding parameters - weights and biases
  • What are activation functions
  • What are loss functions
  • What are hyperparameters
  • Lifecycle of a model
  • What are deep learning architectures
  • Understanding the intuition behind deep learning
  • How to make neural networks feel intuitive


  • Curiosity about AI and Deep Learning
  • Experienced or interested in Corporate Finance and M&A


Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Network? Are your curious how the latest innovations are finding their way and will find their way into usecases such as - Credit Scoring and Risk Assessment, Financial Forecasting and Market Modeling, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Algorithmic Trading, Optimizing Financial Operations, Customer Segmentation and Personalization, Robo-Advisors? This is the course for you. You will not only develop an intuitive understanding behind all the buzzwords at a fundamental level but see the usecases in live and get a feel for it.

Who this course is for

  • Students who want to develop an intuitive understanding of AI for the first time
  • Business Executives, Finance executives, M&A executives who want to get an intuitive understanding of AI a technical level

Hear from the instructor

  • Live course with the instructor
  • Always available content on demand
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Two 15 minutes 1-on-1 session with the instructor
  • 4 weeks trial of Ploutos platform

When and where

  • Aug 29 and Aug 31 (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Tuesday 9AM -11AM ET and Thursday 9AM -10AM
  • Live on Google Meet (details will be sent via email)
$349 ($499 of 25%)